Abortion Center Rep Duties

Stand4Life Clinic Rep Duties and Responsibilities:


1. Help to mobilize your state by finding others like yourself willing to take a stand at the abortion clinics.


2. Keep up with contact information from those willing to stand follow up with them prior to the stand to make sure they are still onboard.


3. Keep up with all stats: so we can know how many people volunteered to stand, how many actually stood, and how many would be willing to stand again.


4. It will be your responsibility to make sure all volunteers have materials that they need such as red life tape, bottled water, etc. for the day of the stand.


5. The list of abortion clinics that we have on the website are the only ones we know of…if you know that there are more please let your State Director know so we can get those covered too.


6. Many abortion clinics do not allow for us to stand on their property so please be sure to find out the rules and regulations regarding the ones in your city so that no one is taken arrested. If there are such rules please make sure there is space to stand outside of their property (we usually stand on the sidewalk facing their building)


7. Please remember we are silently praying for the ending of abortion…we are not angry protestors please make sure your volunteers understand the difference and comply.


8. If someone wants to talk be it employee or a woman considering abortion I would advise that only the captains handle those situations unless you have trained sidewalk counselors present.


9. Sometimes women will change their minds so it is a good idea to have a list of resources available to them in their city.


10. When the stand is over you will be in charge of the  debrief. You can ask your volunteers if the Lord spoke to them and how, ask them if they got any impressions, ask first timers to share what it was like for them and if they would do it again, ask them if it changed them in any way.


11. Please take lots of pictures and make record of anyone who changed their minds so we can praise God with you for the saved life!



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