“A wall of intercession is being raised up in Florida on behalf of the unborn and the pregnant mother.  That wall is Stand4LIFE.  Take your place on the wall and make history with thousands of those burning for justice in our day.”


“The most noble cause is the defense of innocent human life. To help helpless infants and rescue them from death is the most honorable and rewarding act of kindness one can do. Would to God everyone would Stand4LIFE.”

MAT STAVER- Liberty Counsel

“Thank God as the young intercessors of Stand4LIFE stand on the wall in the gap in Orlando!  God’s heart is tender towards the babies, and HE hates the shedding of innocent blood.  My Uncle, Dr. King spoke of justice often.  How can the Dream survive if we murder our children?  Let’s pray and Stand4LIFE.”

DR. ALVEDA KING- Director of African American Outreach, Priests for Life


“The goal of ‘Stand4Life’ is laudable in that the weakest and most vulnerable members of our human family should be welcomed in life and be protected in law. The vision of the Church community collaborating in a prayerful witness for life is a reflection of our common values and an example of Christian Unity.  I am reminded of the words of Pope John Paul the Great, in his 1979 visit to America , “When the sacredness of human life before birth is attacked, we will stand up and proclaim that no one ever has the authority to destroy unborn life.”  Join me in standing in solidarity for the dignity and sacredness of human life.”

REVEREND THOMAS G. WENSKI- ArchBishop of Catholic Diocese of Miami


“In this crucial moment of history, we need to stand for moral and Christian values.  I definitively endorse Stand4LIFE and will be present at their coming event.”

DR. NINO GONZALEZ- Senior Pastor of Iglesia El Calvario A/G

“We are honored to prayerfully support Stand4Life and encourage others to do the same. Stand4Life drawsattention not only to the plague of abortion in America, but also to the most powerful weapon to fight it, prayer.”

DAVID UTH- Pastor, Orlando First Baptist Church


“This is a huge opportunity for Florida Christians to cry out for the unborn and pregnant mothers and to show our stance against abortion.  Jesus said, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” Let’s not be quiet.  Let’s join together and Stand4LIFE.”

STEVE STRANG- Publisher, Charisma Magazine


“Stand4LIFE is a humble but powerful group of Christians who are bringing the church together to stand for the life of the unborn and against the evil of abortion in a one day special statewide event.  I encourage you to join them and Stand4LIFE.”

JOHN STEMBERGER- President, Florida Family Policy Council


“I believe God’s heart breaks over the blood that stains our land!  So much is at stake for this generation!  It is time – to Stand4LIFE!”

MILT MONEL- Campus Crusade for Christ.


“Too often prayer becomes a casualty of the urgency to act.  I am thankful for groups like Stand4LIFE that are reminding the body of Christ that the real urgency is to pray.  Not prayer alone, but prayer that propels us forward with God’s plan.  The fact that they are helping to raise up the next generation of prayer warriors is reason for all of us to be encouraged.”

TONY PERKINS- Family Research Council


God is looking for someone to stand in the gap. At a time when the moral moorings of our culture are being tested like never before there is a young generation standing strong for LIFE. What’s about to happen in Florida could shape the very destiny of our nation.

MATT LOCKET- Director of Bound4LIFE



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