Katherine Massey

Breaking the Silence: Stand for Life with Love…By Katherine Massey

You may be surprised to learn that, although I have always considered myself pro-life, I have never actively lobbied for or been a part of the pro-life movement – at least, not as an adult.

Since accepting Christ into my heart and being saved on my 13th birthday, I have made exactly two stands against abortion. One took the form of a persuasive essay that I wrote for my English Composition class as a high school junior. The essay was written from the perspective of a fetus about to be aborted. I was praised for my boldness in choosing a topic so controversial (although, at the time, I didn’t see it that way), but received not much beyond that.

The second took place not long after that, when one of my best friends revealed that she was pregnant and she was thinking of having an abortion. I talked to her about that decision. I don’t remember what I said, other than the fact that abortion was wrong. I don’t remember what decision she made, but I remember loving her anyway, and praying for her always.

That may have been the last time I publicly discussed my pro-life stance. In the years following, I went to college, became a writer and pursued my dream of journalism. My goal was simple: I wanted to be a respected voice for social change, to expose injustices and end them, to give a forum to those without a discernible voice, and to use my pen as a weapon for good. I also wanted to win a Pulitzer, work for a highly respected publication and represent the interests of the people above all else. I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself.

That said, I never spoke up about my “pro-lifeness”, and in my vocation, it was pretty easy to justify why. One of the basic tenets of journalism is objectivity. We present news objectively because it’s the only way to give a story wings to fly. Objective reporting gives the reader the benefit of being able to form their own opinion, come to a conclusion themselves, and not be misled by propaganda. To me, reporting news was not about my personal beliefs or politics and injecting any of those things into the conversation could give the impression that I’m not impartial; I, therefore, did not, under any circumstances, discuss my political or spiritual views. Friends and acquaintances may have known I was a Christian, but beyond that, they knew nothing about how I felt about abortion or anything else.

I’ve never had an abortion. I’ve never been pregnant. In fact, one could say that I am, in essence, infertile, as I have been unable to conceive (another subject for another time). Here’s the thing, though: I’ve always been against abortion, regardless of my physical or spiritual condition. I’ve always felt that abortion is wrong, and I’ve always believed that abortion kills, not just babies, but relationships, bodies and hearts. I just never vocalized it.

That, of course, is changing. I’m OK with my decision to speak up. But why now?

The answer is simple: Because my heart is burning for God. It consistently longs for the goodness and kindness and love that He has shown me. It craves the serenity and peace of prayer and it is starving for His word. It is overwhelmed with gratitude for His decision to pull me out of darkness and into the light. I’ve been in the place of spiritual separation and it’s heartbreakingly lonely. I can’t imagine being in that place with life inside my womb.

Which leads me to the real reason I never felt comfortable about speaking up: I can’t imagine that the pro-life movement that stands outside of clinics, picketing with their violently graphic photos of aborted babies and declaring it OK to scream at a hurting person in the midst of a crisis, can effectively carry out the work of healing the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wounds resulting in abortion being thought of as the only remaining solution. That is not a movement that I am OK with being a part of, and it is not the movement I want to be associated with.

But there’s another pro-life movement out there; one that understands that there are more lives involved in the decision to abort than just that of the baby. This pro-life movement prevents death, not by condemnation, but by using the tools that God gave believers to heal the sick, care for the wounded, restore the broken. This movement uses prayer, the Word of the Living God and love to help find solutions, bring people to the knowledge of Christ and save lives by restoring faith and hope to the faithless and hopeless. Believing in the sanctity of life is as much about the mother’s life as it is about the child’s. The enemy isn’t only after the souls of the children lost to abortion; he’s hungry for those souls savaged in the aftermath – those struggling with the decision to end life, and those left to pick up the pieces of an irreversible decision.

Stand4Life is about more than just saving lives – it’s about loving lives as Christ loved them. It’s about interceding for a generation that is starving for God, desperate for answers, clinging to hope in all the wrong places. Our calling is not just to save the children, but to restore families and to bring lives into the fullness of God, to show them that there is another solution – one that doesn’t involve a pill or surgical tools. There is another answer and His name is Jesus.

On May 3, 2014, we invite you to be a part of a movement that stands for life and for love, using prayer and intercession as the weapons of choice, calling on the Holy Spirit to change hearts, challenge minds and bring souls into light from darkness.

Today, I break my silence by standing for life through love. I hope you will too.


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