Leah Ramirez

Prayer changes everything…by Leah Ramirez

I remember the first time I went to pray at an abortion center.  I went in response to a message I heard from Lou Engle.    I was by myself, and I wanted to see what the Lord would say to me about abortion.  It was there, standing by myself in front of EPOC abortion center in Orlando, Florida, that my heart was gripped by the Lord.  Lou’s prayer became mine, “God, end abortion and send revival to America.”  Our community started a Bound4LIFe chapter in Orlando, and  began to stand faithfully at several abortion centers throughout the week.

Years later, my husband Larry and I were away for our anniversary weekend.  We had gone out to dinner and stopped at a Blockbuster that was going out of business.  We ended up buying a movie that would change our lives forever:  Amazing Grace, the story of William Willberforce.  Wilberforce fought tirelessly for the ending of slavery.  He gave his whole life to it.  Larry and I were provoked.  It was what I call a holy agitation.  That night I asked the Lord for a strategy to end abortion.  I had a vision of Florida with every abortion center covered in silent prayer.  One state-wide strike.

We came back from our anniversary get-away and pitched the idea to our staff.  To the man, everyone was in agreement!  Do the vision.  We had no idea how many abortion centers were in Florida, but we said yes to the strategy the Lord had given us and Stand4LIFE was born.  That year (2010), we rallied just over 2,000 people to stand across Florida.  Pastors and churches came together… something was shifting.

Over the years, and to our amazement, we’ve had a few states join us in our annual stand.  We hear stories of lives saved and hearts changed from all over the nation.  Surely, God is on the move.

This year, we felt the Lord leading us to launch Stand4LIFE as a national campaign.  And again, we are saying yes.  Over the years we have worked closely with Bound4LIFE, International and it’s director, Matt Locket.  This year, we are happy to move forward in full partnership together.  Stand4LIFE is a one day stand, a catalyst.  Bound4LIFE is an ongoing ministry for life.

Stand with us.  Prayer changes things.  History does indeed belong to the intercessor.


Leah Ramirez

Leah Ramirez






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